35 kV current transformers for railway


MVT PLUS has successfully completed the delivery of special 35 kV cast resin instrument current transformers for the Bulgarian railway. These transformers have improved thermal current characteristics and accuracy classes, which ensures reliable operation of the energy management system in railway facilities.

Measuring current transformers are important components of railway facilities that are used to measure current and determine its parameters. The new transformers shipped by MVT PLUS have high measurement accuracy and can operate under extreme conditions such as high humidity, temperature and vibration.

The increased characteristics of the thermal resistance current ensure the operation of transformers in conditions of increased load, which is important for railway facilities, where electrical equipment can be subjected to severe overloads. In addition, the accuracy classes of transformers allow for more accurate data on energy consumption and meter calculations.

MVT PLUS is proud to be a part of the current instrument transformer project for the railway and is confident that the new equipment will help improve the quality of power supply and ensure a more reliable and stable operation of the railway infrastructure.