A batch of ferroresonance protection devices for a customer


MVT PLUS is pleased to announce the successful shipment of a batch of ferroresonance protection devices to the customer's site. A total of 22 devices of this type were shipped, which will help reduce the likelihood of ferroresonance in electrical networks and protect instrument voltage transformers.

Ferroresonance protection devices are special devices that help reduce the risk of unwanted effects associated with resonant phenomena in electrical networks. They can be used to protect voltage transformers for various voltages from 6 to 110 kV.

MVT PLUS is a leader in the supply of ferroresonance protection devices and guarantees the high quality of its products. Our company has many years of experience in the electrical equipment market and offers its customers only the most advanced technologies and innovative solutions.

The shipment of this batch of ferroresonance protection devices is another successful example of our work and ability to meet the needs of our customers.