110 kV voltage instrument transformers for substation modernization


MVT PLUS has successfully completed the delivery of 12 110 kV voltage instrument transformers for the modernization of substation 110/35/10. These transformers will be used to measure the voltage in the high voltage network and ensure the stability of the energy management system.

Voltage transformers are important components of electrical power systems that are used to measure voltage and determine its parameters. The new transformers that have been installed in the 110/35/10 substation have high measurement accuracy and can operate under various operating conditions. They also have high stability and reliability, which ensures the smooth operation of the electric power system.

Substation modernization is an important step to improve the quality of power supply and ensure the stable operation of power systems. MVT PLUS, which specializes in the production of electrical equipment, is confident that the installed transformers will help improve the efficiency of the substation and ensure more reliable and stable operation of the electric power systems in the region.