Power voltage transformers with paper-oil insulation 35...245 kV

Substation service voltage transformers of the SSVT series, also sometimes called substation auxiliary transformers or power voltage transformers, are designed and intended to convert high voltage directly from high-voltage lines from 35 to 245 kV into low voltage.

Their main application is to provide electricity (own needs) to different types of substations (pulse, renewable and conventional). They also provide rural electrification, power to telecommunication towers in remote areas and temporary power supply when needed.

By design, power voltage transformers are of a support type with a bottom arrangement of windings in a grounded metal casing. The high voltage terminal is installed on the top of the insulating column of the transformer, and oil-paper insulation is used as the internal insulating medium. For safety, voltage transformers are equipped with valves to relieve excess pressure that may occur in emergency situations.


  • Rated high voltage from 35 to 245 kV
  • Voltage of secondary terminals up to 690 V*
  • Output power from 100 to 160 kVA
  • External insulation polymer or porcelain
  • Ambient conditions: temperature -50° to +55°
  • Partial discharge level: ≤10 pC
  • Complies with IEC and IEEE standards or equivalent standards


  • Stable operation throughout the entire service life
  • No maintenance
  • Fireproof construction
  • Explosion-proof design

The description indicates the characteristics of transformers that are mass-produced. By agreement with the customer, it is possible to manufacture non-standard transformers.

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