Power voltage transformers type NTSM type are manufactured as dry cast epoxy resin with insulation class "F" (maximum temperature 155°C). The transfer coefficient of the transformer is shown in the table. The rated primary voltage is from 3.3 kV to 52 kV.

From the wide range of applications, we especially highlight the application on the railway at level crossings for supplying power for signaling.

By design, these transformers are primarily used in places where resistance to flammability, moisture, chemical attack and short circuits is required. Also, NTSM voltage transformers are widely used in remote areas where serviceability is difficult. The transformers are designed for outdoor installation and due to their design (creepage distances > 31 mm/kV) can be installed in very dirty environments.


  • Rated primary voltage from 3.3 to 52 kV
  • Rated secondary voltage from 100 to 240 V
  • Rated power 1.5,2.5,5,10,16,20,25 kVA
  • Ambient conditions: temperature from -45° to +55°
  • Compliance with IEC and IEEE standards or equivalent standards


  • Lack of any maintenance throughout the entire period of operation
  • Fire and explosion-proof design
  • Long creepage distance
  • Possibility of installation in any plane
  • High loads for all accuracy classes
  • Low partial discharge (PD)
  • Resistance to aggressive environmental conditions
  • The hydrophobic material exhibits excellent outdoor performance and also minimizes the possibility of arcing.
  • No ozone depleting gases

Power voltage transformers (VT) of the NTSM series were developed for operation at transformer substations, at traction substations of railways, hard-to-reach objects where equipment maintenance is not required, at enterprises with high pollution of electrical equipment.

Transformers meet the requirements of IEC, ANSI, IEEE, GOST standards.

NTSM power voltage transformers are a good alternative to obsolete and obsolete oil-insulated voltage transformers.

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