Power two-pole voltage transformer with cast resin DTES

Power two-pole voltage transformers of the DTES type are produced dry, cast with epoxy resin with insulation class "F" (maximum temperature 155°C). The nominal primary voltage ranges from 3.3 kV to 52 kV.

DTES transformers can work both in single-phase and three-phase networks with parallel connection. With this type of transformers, it is possible to organize unattended single-phase and three-phase substations.

From a wide range of applications, we particularly emphasize railways at railway crossings for power supply for signaling.

Due to their design, these transformers are primarily used in places where resistance to flammability, moisture, chemical effects and short circuits is required. Also, DTES voltage transformers are widely used in remote areas where maintenance is difficult. The transformers are intended for outdoor installation and due to their design (leakage paths > 31 mm/kV) they can be installed in very dirty conditions. DTES transformers can have different phase connections, for example, on the primary side of the connection of three transformers, a triangle, and on the secondary side in a star.


  • Nominal primary voltage from 6 to 35 kV
  • Nominal secondary voltage from 100 to 400 V
  • Nominal single-phase power 3.3, 4, 5, 17, 21 kVA
  • Nominal three-phase power 9.9, 12, 15, 51, 63 kVA
  • Environmental conditions: temperature from -45° to +55°
  • Compliance with IEC and IEEE standards or equivalent standards


  • Absence of any maintenance during the entire period of operation
  • Fire and explosion-proof construction
  • Long leakage path length
  • Possibility of installation in any plane
  • High loads for all accuracy classes
  • Low level of partial discharges (CR)
  • Resistance to aggressive environmental conditions
  • The hydrophobic material has excellent qualities for external installation and minimizes the possibility of arc formation.
  • Absence of any gases that destroy the ozone layer

Power voltage transformers (HV) of the DTES series were developed for operation at transformer substations, traction substations of railways, hard-to-reach objects where equipment maintenance is not required, at enterprises with high pollution of electrical equipment.

Transformers meet the requirements of IEC, ANSI, IEEE, GOST standards.

DTES power voltage transformers are a good alternative to morally and physically obsolete measuring voltage transformers with oil insulation.

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