The OSM series vacuum recloser is a new generation of switching equipment that combines advanced technologies of microprocessor relay protection, automation and switching technology. The vacuum recloser is designed for use in overhead AC distribution networks with a frequency of 50 Hz, rated voltage from 6 to 40.5 kV under normal and emergency modes.

By design, a vacuum recloser consists of an outdoor switching module, which includes a vacuum switch, a built-in system for measuring phase currents and voltages made using current sensors (Rogowski coils) and capacitive voltage sensors. Control cabinets that house monitoring and control elements for the switching module, microprocessor relay protection and automation, and an uninterruptible power supply system for the recloser. Connecting cable providing connection between the switching module and the recloser control cabinet. Mounting kit on a pole or on an open switchgear. Auxiliary transformer (Service transformer).

In terms of design, reclosers can be supplied in three-phase, two-phase, single-phase versions.

Reclosers in stock are always available to our customers. Our company maintains reclosers for voltages of 6 (10) kV and 35 kV.


Vacuum reclosers, thanks to their flexibility and complete set, are widely used in various fields, such as:

  • Connecting overhead and cable lines
  • Emergency power restoration
  • Connecting generators
  • Substation circuit breaker
  • Mine equipment protection
  • Rapid construction of substations


  • Operational switching in the distribution network (local and remote network reconfiguration)
  • Automatic shutdown of the damaged area
  • Automatic line reclosure
  • Automatic restoration of power to undamaged sections of the network
  • Automatic collection of information about the parameters of network operating modes
  • Integration into telemechanics systems (SCADA)
  • Increasing the reliability of power supply to consumers
  • Possibility to reduce undersupply of electricity
  • Reducing the number of emergency power outages
  • Reducing the cost of maintaining the electrical network
  • Increasing the technical level of network operation
  • Implementation of modern solutions for automation and management of distribution networks


  • Rated voltage from 6 to 38 kV
  • Maximum operating voltage from 7.2 to 40.5 kV
  • Rated current up to 800 A
  • Rated short-circuit breaking current 16 kA
  • Cable charging current 20-40 A
  • Charging line current 5 A
  • Mechanical life 30,000 cycles
  • Ambient conditions: temperature -40 °C (-60 °C on request) to +55 °C
  • Compliance with IEC and GOST standards or equivalent standards


  • Does not require maintenance during the entire service life.
  • High-speed, mechanically connected electromagnetic drives provide timely wear and additional reliability and safety of operation of consumer electrical installations.
  • One-time operation of the switch with subsequent blocking of operations in the “Live Line” and “Mechanical Shutdown” modes.
  • Microswitches for monitoring the position of each pole of the circuit breaker inside the housing provide additional absolute reliability.
  • The control connection cable is waterproof, triple shielded in a metal sleeve, equipped with military standard connectors and has IP65 protection.
  • The control cabinet has 3 electronic modules that can be replaced within 5 minutes using only a regular screwdriver.
  • Remote rapid software updates allow you to maintain the current state of the equipment and, if necessary, expand the functionality to future standards.
  • Full automation, the ability to create an algorithm for the operation of several reclosers and synchronization of the operation of feeders according to three indicators (frequency, phase angle and voltage)
  • Over 100 different protection functions - from simple overcurrent and ground fault protection to input impedance monitoring, fault detection and harmonic protection.
  • The absence of active electronics in the switching module housing ensures exceptional resistance to voltage surges and reliable operation of the equipment.
  • Switch module housing and stainless steel cabinets.
  • The seamless compatibility of the involved communication protocols with the Smart-Grid intelligent energy system ensures interoperability and integration into process control systems.
  • The built-in powerful processor and field programmable gate array (FPGA) allow self-diagnostics around the clock.
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