Voltage detecting systems

Voltage detecting systems (voltage indicators) are designed to indicate the presence of voltage in MV and HV switchgears 6 kV, 10 kV, 20 kV, 35 kV independently in each of the phases. Voltage indicators

are very important devices that protect maintenance personnel at substations from erroneous actions, providing visual control over the presence of voltage in switchgears, as well as blocking switching devices when indicating devices are equipped with output relays.

Voltage indicating devices do not need a auxiliary power. Indication is performed using capacitive dividers (insulators with capacitive dividers or voltage sensors).

In the standard design, there are three red LEDs and three control connectors on the front panel of the display unit. The test sockets are designed to check the health of the indication unit using a testing device, which makes it possible to check the indicator under operating conditions (under voltage). Test jacks are also used for phasing and phase sequencing. Given the many varieties of high voltage indicators supplied by our company, we can note the distinctive design and functional features of the following devices:

  • CDS Standard LED indication without relay output
  • CDS-R Standard LED indication with relay output
  • OVI+ LCD indication without relay output
  • OVI+R LCD indication with relay output
  • OVI+S LC display without relay output with display diagnostic function, two display levels
  • OVI+SR Indication on LC display with relay output with display diagnostic function, two levels of indication

For a complete set of high voltage indicators, our company offers the supply of voltage presence indication kits, which consists of an indication unit, three capacitive dividers (insulators with capacitive dividers or voltage sensors) and a set of connecting coaxial cables 2.5 meters long.

By agreement with the customer, voltage indicating devices can be manufactured for different capacitive dividers and sensors.